ClienTalk is a web-based client feedback tool designed to conduct a confidential, meaningful survey process that will return statistical results specific to your business model.


Client sentiment is often an intangible resource; our process takes those often "intangible" client sentiments and turns them into meaningful statistics that can help reinvigorate many areas of your business.

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ClienTalk research is completely private and confidential for both you and your clients. You select the clients to be surveyed. They access the survey online, using individual privacy codes to protect their identities. No one else has access to the results - not your firm, not your partners, not even your assistants (without your permission). Everything is password protected for your eyes only.

ClienTalk was designed by research professionals with input from many of America's leading advisors and their clients. It produces totally accurate and unbiased information that you can put to work immediately.

Imagine knowing.

  • What products, services and business practices are most important to your clients
  • What clients really think about you and your staff
  • Which client types are most likely to refer you - and why
  • What share of your clients' total assets you manage
  • Why you might not be their primary advisor
  • How clients rate your current service model
  • How they make decisions about their wealth
  • What select client groups expect from you - women, men, specific age groups, etc.
  • And much more!






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